This page contains webinars for educators. These webinars align with the National Quality Standards and the Education and Care Services National Regulations These webinars range between 45 min and one hour long.

The journey to Critical Reflection- OOSH EDITION!

This hour-long webinar is designed to assist OOSH educators to understand critical reflection on a deeper level.



The objectives of this webinar are

  • To discuss the reflective practice and critical reflection
  • To consider critical reflection within the context of the My Time Our Place- Framework and the National Quality Standards
  • To become more competent in your understanding of reflective practice and critical reflection for 2019

The webinar is filled with strategies and questions to take back to your team and make meaning of critical reflection in your OOSH setting. The webinar will allow you to gain practical ideas and be more confident in documenting your journey of critical reflection.

This webinar is for all OOSH educators.

Once the webinar is complete, email info@stellastead.com.au for issue of certificate of completion


Ethics play an essential role in a professional work environment and impacts on the decisions we make.
This webinar will assist educators at all levels to think critically about values and principals, ethics and the Code of Ethics. The webinar assists educators to reflect on unethical dilemmas that can be part of their role and strategies on what to do if confronted with these situations. The webinar also assists educators to understand the Code of Ethics on a deeper level and how it impacts you to be a better educator when making decisions in your every day role. The webinar explores the importance of creating  positive work culture and what can happen if people have a fixed mindset or a ‘crab mentality’
It explores these topics:
* Values and principles
*Ethical thinking
*Strategies for managing and resolving ethical dilemmas
*Code of Ethics
*Crab mentality

All for $10 per participant. Each paying participant receives a certificate of completion once completed.

Great Professional Development for all educators.


This play on words is definitely fitting for this webinar! Educators have focused on the five learning outcomes in the Framework and have forgotten the purpose of the Principles and Practices in regards to everyday practice.

The purpose of this webinar

  • Understanding the principles and practices and how they influence your everyday practice
  • Part of commitment of ongoing learning and continuous improvement process for educators
  • To become more knowledgeable, skilled and engaged using the framework

All for $10 per participant. Each paying participant receives a certificate of Completion once completed.

Great Professional Development for newly appointed educators, or educators that are just wanting to refresh their skills on the Framework.

Available to purchase NOW for just $89 (includes follow-up phone call with Stella)!

Looking for ways to communicate the importance of team work in the centre? This is the webinar for you! Aligns with QA4 and QA7 of the National Quality Standards. Purchase it for just $10 per person. Watch the clip for more information.

Trainee webinar available now🌈🌈 Do you know a new trainee that would like More information about

  • Philosophy
  • Coe
  • Job description
  • Duties
  • Reflecting on practice
  • Making a list
  • Talking and asking questions
  • Speaking with children and families
  • Nqs and eylf
  • Cultivating a positive culture- team work
  • Working ethically
  • Completing your work – very 3 units or diploma level Regulation 168- policies All for $11!!!

Purchase here now- certificate of completion also sent.