Unlock Your Business Potential: Reboot, Rejuvenate and Refocus Business Workshop

Unlock Your Business Potential: Reboot, Rejuvenate and Refocus Business Workshop

I’m so excited to deliver and host my first Stella Stead Consulting workshop!!!

💟💟Book it it!!!💟💟💟– all in school hours as well 🤩🤩🤩🤩

Have you been sitting on a business idea? Now is the time to act! Read below!💃💃💃💃

🌟Unlock Your Business Potential: Reboot, Rejuvenate and Refocus Business Workshop.⭐

Are you a first-time or existing business owner feeling stuck or needing much-needed rejuvenation for your business? 🤔🤔🤔🤔

🚀 What to Expect: This dynamic workshop provides valuable insights and practical strategies to propel your venture to new heights.

Led & facilitated by Stella Stead, a business owner and passionate advocate for empowering business owners, this event promises to be a game-changer for your business journey.

🎯 Workshop Highlights:

1. Unleashing Your Vision: Clarify your business goals and create a powerful vision that fuels growth and inspires your team.

2. Overcoming Challenges: Learn how to navigate common hurdles first-time business owners face and get equipped with effective problem-solving techniques.

3. Revitalising Strategies: Discover innovative approaches to revamp your business model, optimise operations, and reinvigorate your marketing efforts.

4. Building Resilience: Cultivate the resilience needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape and bounce back from setbacks more vital than ever.

5. Leadership Essentials: Enhance your leadership skills to foster a motivated, high-performing team that drives success.

6. Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs, share experiences, and build valuable lifetime connections.

💥💥💥Guest speakers! 💥💥💥💥💥

⭐Emma Grima from Grima Accounting will share tax tips for 1st time business owners!

⭐Rebecca Mostyn from Mostyn Legal will share legal tips for 1st time business owners!

🗓️ Date & Time: Friday the 13th of October 2023 | 9.15 AM – 2:15 PM

🏢 Venue: Shellharbour Civic Centre – 76 Cygnet Avenue, Shellharbour 2529

Investment: $109+GST

🎟️ Morning Tea provided.

💼 Who Should Attend?

• First-time business owners are seeking guidance and inspiration.

• Established entrepreneurs are looking to overcome stagnation and reignite growth.

• Visionary leaders aiming to stay ahead of the competition.

🔥 Don’t Let Your Business Dreams Wait Any Longer! Embark on a transformation journey, unlock your business potential, and ignite the spark of success! REGISTER NOW and set your business on a path to greatness.

📞 For Registration and Inquiries, Email: info@stellstead.com.au

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