E Book - Fearless Leadership in Early Childhood- Emancipate the Leader Within

Early childhood professionals, OOSH professionals, FDC professionals

Are you wanting to aspire to be the best leader that you an be?

Do you feel that you are holding yourself back or not clear on the skill set required to being an authentic leader?

This book is designed for all levels of leadership, no matter your job role.

This eBook is relatable, personable and filled with content that you will turn into practice.


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Topics include:

  • Reflecting on Leadership
  • Emancipating the Leader Within
  • Transformational Leadership: The panacea to becoming an amazing leader!
  • Leadership and your team
  • Leadership and preferred learning styles
  • Leadership and stages of team development
  • Emotional intelligence and success as a leader
  • Achieving success with your mindset
  • Leading continuous improvement
  • What tone do you use as a leader?
  • Leading your team with competence:
  • How will you help team members deal with stress?
  • How will you act as a role model of a competent leader to employees?
  • The importance of delegation
  •  *Strategies for common scenarios
  •  *Why there is no place for hostility in leadership

Don't hold yourself back another minute.

Step forward !

Show up !

Emancipate the Leader Within!

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