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Educational Leader Booklet

Educational Leader Booklet

Educational Leader Booklet
$15 per person

Purpose of this booklet

This 35 page PDF booklet can be used at staff meetings, team meetings and one on one meetings. The purpose of this booklet is to first, reflect as a leader yourself and how you can ensure you can be the best leader. The start of the booklet asks you to reflect on yourself as a leader. Do this part first, then use the rest of the booklet to assist your conversations with other educators and build competent educators that will authentically reflect, and become competent in the critical reflection process. This booklet can be used as a guide on how to start conversations and discussions around important day to day topics and documents. It is to assist you on how to start educators to see that reflecting is an important part of everything we do and that they hopefully feel an intrinsic motivation, rather than ‘Oh not another thing we have to do!’

Use this booklet as a guide, choose a topic today and come back for more as you need!

Read this testimonial from an Educational Leader using the booklet to assist her role

My name is Sandra J and I am the Educational Leader at Koninderie Preschool.

Q. Why did you decide to purchase the Educational Leader booklet?

2. Tarryn brought this EL booklet because I am always after ways to be a better educational leader and she thought this would guide my practices.

Q.what have you taken from the booklet? So far I am thinking of adding the self-reflection questions to our staff appraisals. As a team, all educators are completing webinars related to the Code of ethics. I am putting both the Code of ethics and the rights of the child in our staff room, right at eye level so educators can be familiar with these. I have talked about the different types of reflection with educators and one suggested putting these on the side of our daily Critical reflection page to guide thinking about critical reflection.

Q. How has it assisted your role? Helped me to be a better educational leader and lead by example. It has also made me feel that I am on my way to be a leader because I know my fellow team members very well and our team is that a team. We are all involved in reviewing our philosophy, policies, procedures, programming, planning, QIP you name it we do it together.

Why should educators purchase this booklet?
5. This booklet is an easy to read document that you can go back and forth to help guide leadership.

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