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Creating your ideal team – workbook

Creating your ideal team – workbook

Purpose of this workbook

Hi amazing educators!

This PDF editable workbook has been designed with topics from the elements within Quality Area 4 of the National Quality Standards – ‘Staffing arrangements’.

It’s been developed as every team wants to be the best they can be, however, at times, we can be faced with barriers that can stop us from creating the ‘ideal team’ in the current setting’.

In a workplace with many diverse personalities, there are times that individuals lose ‘sight’ of the overall goal. Many factors contribute to this, including the introduction of new staff, management expectations, the uncertainty of job roles and responsibilities, and staff becoming complacent. Each team member has a control over what they want to bring to the team.

Just like a good recipe, if you don’t follow it properly, the results can be devastating.

This workbook is to be used to commence important conversations, to reflect on topics, understanding, and commitment to educators role to construct the ‘ideal team’ for the current setting.

Through my years of mentoring individuals and teams, the topics in the book will assist you to create your ‘IDEAL TEAM’. How you want to work every single day. No excuses, no barriers, just collaboration, and communication every step of the way.

Through the workbook, you will be asked to reflect as individuals and as a team/ The workbook is for authentic conversations around important topics for building your ideal team.

This outcome of this workbook is to have every educator write their own ‘contract of commitment’ on how they will contribute to the ‘ideal team’ for their setting, and what practices they will contribute when they are faced with a challenge.

Only $29 for Team professional development- What a great buy!

**** Important information ***The PDF workbook is editable so that you can type in the booklet.

You must  DOWNLOAD the workbook first, then you can type in the workbook.

Once the workbook is downloaded- you can forward the workbook to each educator.

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