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The Journey to Critical Reflection

This comprehensive webinar includes information for all educators in LDC, Preschool and FDC to gain a more clearer understanding of Critical Reflection and how to use it in your everyday practice. Each slide is explained and there are practical examples for educators to understand and become more confident and competent to use critical reflections in…
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This play on words is definitely fitting for this webinar! Educators have focused on the five learning outcomes in the Framework and have forgotten the purpose of the Principles and Practices in regards to everyday practice. The purpose of this webinar Understanding the principles and practices and how they influence your everyday practice Part of…
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ETHICS & PROFESSIONALISM- EMBEDDING THE CODE OF ETHICS IN EVERYDAY PRACTICE Ethics play an essential role in a professional work environment and impacts on the decisions we make. This webinar will assist educators at all levels to think critically about values and principals, ethics and the Code of Ethics. The webinar assists educators to reflect…
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The journey to Critical Reflection- OOSH EDITION!

This hour-long webinar is designed to assist OOSH educators to understand critical reflection on a deeper level. SPECIAL $10 The objectives of this webinar are To discuss the reflective practice and critical reflection To consider critical reflection within the context of the My Time Our Place- Framework and the National Quality Standards To become more…
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My journey into leadership….

My journey into leadership…. Why Transformational Leadership is the panacea to becoming an amazing leader! My leadership journey commenced in my early 20’s. I was young and vibrant, hardworking and a good leader. Well, that’s what I thought then! Hindsight is a very powerful tool… Moving forward, even if you possess leadership skills, you need…
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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics- QA4 Staffing arrangements Where is your Code of Ethics located in the centre? Is it in the foyer? bathroom or office?  When I mentor teams, I find that there are some teams that do not understand the true essence of the C OE and the importance of how it guides our practices.…
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Do we only educate children progressively from the waist up?

  At present, I am teaching Nurture creativity in young children. As you all know by now, I like to look at things from different perspectives, so I was trying to find a talk or article on negative implications if creativity is missing in early childhood. In my searches, I came across this amazing TED…
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As a leader, there are times you feel compelled to do everything right?

As a leader, there are times you feel compelled to do everything right? Remember that guilty feeling that you have when you would think of asking another staff member to do something, you might be thinking “ Oh no I couldn’t ask them to do that”, that is actually just causing more detriment to yourself.…
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Building fundamental relationships

Building fundamental relationships as an educator is at the core of our job role. Not only is it a vital part of the National Quality Standard (QA5 Relationships with children) QA6 (Collaborative partnerships with families and community) and the EYLF/MTOP, most importantly it should be an intrinsic feeling. An educator should want to establish relationships…
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